Key Features Of An Access Control System You Need To Know

As a building manager, landlord, or commercial facility manager, an essential element of your job is to keep the property you are managing safe and secure. One easy and effective way to do this is to have an access control system installed onto your building. If you are unsure which control access system is right for your building, we outline the top features of control access systems below, to help you select which system/features are right for you.

1. Data Logs

Secure control access systems will keep accurate data logs of card use, and store this data in a practical and efficient way. This ensures that if you need to determine who accessed the building at a certain time, you will be able to look at the system or run a report and find this information easily. This feature is extremely useful if you are trying to find the culprit of theft or damage within your building, as you will be able to track the entrance/exit of all card-using residents.

2. Intuitive System

One key feature of control access systems that must be considered is how flexible they are. For example, if you manage a building with multiple residents you must ensure you use a system with flexible software to ensure you can update, delete, and add new information and tenant data as required. If you manage a small or commercial building, you may not require a flexible system as there may only be a few, limited people who have access to the building.

3. Simplicity

An effective control access system is strong and secure, whilst being easy for those with granted access to use. Employees or residents, for example, who frequently enter and exit their building may become frustrated at having to complete multiple, lengthy steps before they can enter their building. An access control system should, therefore, be powerful without being frustrating for the end-user.

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4. Regular Backups

No matter what access control system you choose, you should look for a system that has scheduled or regular backups as one of its core features. Databases of control access systems can contain a lot of important information, such as which cards are registered to which employees/tenants. The last thing you want is to experience a server crash or power cut and have to re-build your entire system from scratch.

5. Easy Integration

In order to keep your building as safe as possible, you may wish to integrate your control access system with other alarm systems and intruder detection systems. You should, therefore, look for an access control system that is easily integrated with other systems. For example, you may wish to combine your CCTV with your main alarm system and access control software into one, easily managed interface. This ensures the security of your business is seamless and simple to manage.

If you’d like to learn more about access control systems, do not hesitate to contact Sophia Consulting today. We utilize our expert wisdom to provide the utmost care and security for your building.