Make Your Parking Lot More Secure

If you are a business owner, you want to provide your customers with a great experience. You have worked hard to optimize your inventory with desirable and profitable items and to ensure your staff members are well-trained and friendly. But, have you ever considered that your customers’ experience starts before they even enter the store?

An unsafe or unkempt parking lot can be a major turnoff for customers. It could also be affecting your employees and your bottom line too. Ensuring your parking lot is secure can pay off for your business. Sophia is a nonprofit organization that helps businesses make wise decisions in technology and security. “Sophia” is a Greek word that means wisdom, and it is our job to ensure businesses get the caring and generous support they need to succeed. Here Are Five Things You Can Consider to Make Your Parking Lot More Secure.

1. Proper Lighting

A well-lit parking lot can help keep customers safe by preventing accidents and helping customers spot potential obstacles like shopping carts. A well-lit lot can also deter shoplifters or car thieves by making them more identifiable. Proper lighting can also help customers and employees who shop or work after dark feel safe.

2. Security Cameras

Security cameras can help you deter shoplifters and protect you from liability for accidents. For example, if an accident happens in your lot, cameras can give you a clear picture of what happened. Posting signs that surveillance cameras are in use can be a proactive step in deterring trouble as well. Cameras can also help keep track of when employees are arriving and leaving for work so you can be assured they are accounted for.

parking lot

3. Changing the Layout

Your parking lot layout can also make a difference in terms of security. Layouts can be changed with paint to ensure your lot is optimized for safety and traffic flow. You could also consider adding multiple entrances or exits from the street to guide traffic flow in and out.

4. Fencing

Fencing may not be ideal for all businesses that welcome a high volume of customers, but they can help you protect important assets that must be kept outdoors, including lot or lawn care equipment, dumpsters, large overstock, and employee vehicles.

5. Security Signs

Signs can be posted throughout the lot that informs customers of who to call if they feel unsafe in your lot or if they want to report an incident. If you have a security officer in your store, they can respond immediately to incidents. Additionally, when customers self-report safety concerns, it can be key to understanding how you can make additional improvements to the exterior security of your business.

Making prudent business decisions start outside the store. By making your parking lot more secure, you can help ensure that your customers feel safe and secure to enjoy their time shopping and interacting with your staff. Contact us for more information.