Top Trends In School Security

Providing a high standard of school security is more critical than ever before, especially when it comes to keeping students safe in their learning environment. Using up-to-date technology, places of education can provide excellent standards of security for their students – and with current trends, that’s easier than ever to achieve.

Here are some of the current top trends in school security:

Facial Recognition On Live Video Surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance isn’t a new concept in schools, but taking that technology and building in smart recognition is a step further that many educational facilities are now considering. Utilizing search filters and data, these intelligent systems can determine the identification of students as well as notify your security of strangers on campus using sophisticated in-built algorithms. This also means you can search directly for individuals and even vehicles, too, in real-time.

Smartphone Access

For schools where maintaining on-campus security is a must, key cards and fobs are quickly falling out of fashion in exchange for smartphone access and keys. Practically every student, teacher, and member of staff holds a smartphone, so it makes sense that this technology is utilized to gain access to areas. With the quick download of an app, visitors can access allowed areas once they’ve virtually signed onto campus, too – further adding to the functionality of this kind of security.

School Security

Instant Security Communications

From smart boards in classrooms to student laptops, the ability to push an urgent message to all tech on-site may seem like a sci-fi possibility. But it’s becoming more of a reality today, as technology exists to enhance security through mass communication. By providing a quick way to convey warnings, provide information, or require evacuation, it’s far easier to have that necessary communication with students.

AI Identification Of Weapons And Threats

AI has come a long way since its early days, and more and more schools are investing in technology from a security standpoint. With multiple companies now working on analysis software to identify weapons or even notify teachers of strange behavior before a shooting, preventing incidents before they occur is more possible than ever. Combined with microphones with instant gunshot identification, this system is an excellent addition to a school security system.

Virtual Panic Buttons

While physical panic buttons are widely used in banks, schools, and offices around the US, these buttons are being phased out in favor of a virtual alternative. Usually connected directly with student and teacher smartphones, virtual panic buttons allow for quick and practical notification of an incident, while also providing more guidance to students and teachers on what to do next in the event of an emergency.

If your school requires a security upgrade, or you’re considering installing additional security measures on campus, Sophia Consulting is the team for you. Our knowledge and expertise of school security ensure an exceptional quality of work – and security that’s perfectly suited for your specific purpose. Get in touch now to find out more.