4 Essential Qualities of A Great Structured Cabling System

Not all structured cabling systems are made equal. If you are looking to introduce a structured cabling system to your business, you must ensure it has all the qualities you desire and has all the necessary features to meet your specific needs or the needs of your tenants/employees. Below we outline 4 essential qualities a great structured cabling system should have.

1. Support For Diverse Services

In today’s digital world, technology is evolving at a rapid rate. Consumer demands are constantly growing and evolving, making an infrastructure that can adapt to these demands quickly necessary. Structured cabling systems have become important assets to businesses as the right system can reduce downtime and enable effortless scaling. Without an effective cable system, insufficient bandwidth becomes stretched and limits the flow of data traffic.

2. Flexible Cloud Hosting

More and more businesses are looking to host their business in the cloud, often due to the flexibility and security of cloud hosting. With cloud hosting, businesses can access work resources from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for expensive business premises. The growing popularity of cloud hosting proves that it is not just a trend, it is a long-term viable business solution. If you are hoping to host your business on the cloud, however, you will need to increase your cabling needs. To support your migration, you will need a structured cabling system that will support high usage rates.


3. Virtualization Services

Many businesses run workloads and complete daily business tasks via virtual networks. Even if you currently do not use virtual networks or services, in order to future-proof your business you must consider virtualization support at the start of your cabling system investment. Virtualization needs a solid foundation in structured cabling because as a virtual network grows, or your employees share more and more virtual storage, it places a strain on your data cabling. To ensure you remove the strain on your cabling, a structured cabling system can be used to support a growing virtual network and reduce your energy usage.

4. Mobile Device Optimized

Business deals no longer take place between 9-5 on PC computers only. In today’s world, mobile phones allow business deals and work communications to take place 24 hours a day. Every device in the world transmits data, and this data must be able to flow through a business data center. As one business is usually accountable for multiple mobile devices, a business with a mobile workforce requires a high level of flexibility and availability which can be expensive. To meet the mobile needs of your workforce, cabling solutions can be used to support your data flow. You may not currently have a mobile work team or allow your employees to have work mobile devices, but if you think this could be a possibility in your future, you should consider this when making an investment into your cabling solutions.

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