6 Benefits Of IP Intercom Systems For Your Business

If you’re looking to upgrade your building’s security or your visitor’s customer experience, IP intercoms are a fantastic way to start. Sophia Consulting is an industry leader in the installation of cutting-edge IP systems with a variety of solutions for different needs.

Before we get into the benefits of IP intercom systems, let us outline a few definitions first. IP stands for internet protocol, and an intercom system is a two-way communication device that a business can use to grant access, among other things.

Therefore, an IP intercom transmits voice, images, and video over the ethernet by converting them into digital signals and then delivering them over your IP network.

An IP intercom uses your existing IP network, like the internet, and provides many advantages over an analog system which calls for heavy cabling and installations.

There are two types of IP intercom systems; audio and video. Visitors use an audio system to your business at the entrance where they call, and the operator lets them in. A video intercom system is also called video access control or video door entry, and it lets the operator actually see who is at the door before letting them in.

6 benefits offered by IP intercom systems


1. Easy installation

As mentioned above, analog systems need to have their own cabling done while IP systems use existing infrastructure. Besides ease, this means a lower cost and less time spent on installation. You will also experience less disruption to you and the workers at your office during installation.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

IP intercoms are highly adaptable. For instance, you can re-route a call to a specific agent, and if they don’t respond within a given time frame, the call is re-routed to the next person in line and so on. All of this can be automated, with the relevant hierarchies set as you would like them for maximum efficiency.

3. Better quality

With IP intercoms, there is a marked improvement in quality. Your callers won’t experience static and disruptions on the line. When on video, you won’t experience over-pixelated videos or have low-frame counts. This will lead to an impressively clear line of communication all through.

4. Scalable 

Whether you need one call point or 500, an IP intercom system will be your best choice. The lack of cabling makes IP intercoms essentially future-proof as you can easily add and expand your system according to your needs and budget. For a business that intends to grow over time, IP intercoms are a great option because they won’t present extra costs and manual work in the future.

5. A better visitor or customer experience

Whether your organization is big or small, an IP intercom system will impress your customers and give your business a modern and corporate image.

6. Data capture

You can set your IP intercom to log visitor data. Knowing who is in your building and who isn’t gives you advantages in managing safety and health, resolving incidents, and effectively dealing with security threats.

Sophia Consulting can also help you customize the applications to suit your specific needs. With an IP intercom in place, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are in control of your premises.