Cost-Effective Ways To Enhance Your Access Control

If you’re looking to increase your building’s security and upgrade your current access system, it might seem like an expensive and complicated process. However, it doesn’t have to be, and we’re dedicated to providing affordable and efficient solutions to improve your security measures and protect your building and your employees from potential threats. Enhance your access control without blowing the budget with these simple and cost-effective steps. 

Evaluate the current system

Before you spend any money, it’s important to take a look at your building’s current access control system and what flaws are present. Does your system have different levels of access for secure areas? Are there areas of your property that can be accessed without a key or security card? How do staff have to authenticate their identity? Have there been any security issues before that the access control system hasn’t prevented? The main factors which contribute to employee theft or fraud are lack of supervision and working alone, so look at where this may be a problem. 


Increase levels of access

When it comes to access control, it’s unrealistic to give every member of the team the same access to every part of the building. By designating which areas can be accessed by certain staff members, a large number of security risks can be mitigated. You can also use a managed access control system to restrict non-employees from entering the building, which can further cut down any risk of theft or vandalism. Setting up extra layers of security access is one of the most convenient ways to enhance your security system, and we specialize in state-of-the-art access systems. 

Utilize the latest technology

Recent developments in access control systems mean companies and building supervisors have far greater opportunities than ever before to enhance security measures in an affordable way. For high-security areas, identity can be checked through advanced biometric systems like retina or fingerprint recognition. This can save companies from potentially large losses and allow greater monitoring of access, with detailed records of access available to analyze. By making it harder for potential criminals to access highly sensitive areas, the overall risk to the business or building is greatly reduced.

We are passionate about the latest security trends and technologies and seeing how they can help solve our customer’s issues. We continue to upgrade and enhance our client’s security measures for a system that remains secure in an ever-advancing technological world. 

Restrict out of hours access

If your building has had issues with employees using their access cards out of hours, there is a simple solution which we can help you to implement and integrate with your current system. By restricting access for employees when they aren’t on shift or during night hours, you can both log in when they try to get access and prevent them from entering. If you have employees working late shifts who are concerned about security threats or unauthorized access, you can make sure that no one can enter when they aren’t supposed to be there through enhanced security measures.

At Sophia Consulting, we specialize in innovative and cost-effective security measures. Call us today to see how we can enhance your building’s security.