Low Voltage Nation

LVN, or Low Voltage Nation, and Sophia Consulting are proud to announce a new partnership. Our new partnership will give both of our organizations the opportunity to not only grow but develop the quality and excellence of our work.


Who is LVN?

LVN is a positive and supportive community, dedicated to helping people carve out a fulfilling career path in low voltage technology. Low voltage systems can include anything from network cabling to security systems to Audio Video technology, among other trades, which are essential systems for most workplaces or homes.

Because of the wide range of work that this field covers, LVN has sought to address issues of knowledge, training, and quality of work within the low voltage industry. They have done with by creating a connected community, through social platforms, that spans the US and Canada, and even parts of Europe. All of this to ensure that anyone who wants to better themselves, personally or professionally, can take a step in the right direction.

What Attracted Us To LVN?

Our mission, along with LVN, is to help individuals enter and thrive in a field that legitimately allows them to create a career and support their families. We are alike in that we both see the value in learning a skilled trade, ensuring they have the opportunities they need in front of them to break down any barriers that would otherwise keep them held down.


The partnership

At its core, the partnership between LVN and Sophia Consulting is a mentorship, fundraising, and job-shadowing program. We are happy to encourage individuals in our mentorship program to join LVN, as unlike other forums and networking groups available online, it truly is a supportive and positive online community.

We strongly believe LVN is an essential part of our plans for growth, as the strong community provides a great environment for learning, and will open doors us to offer great opportunities for our apprentices.

What's next for the partnership?

We are currently working with LVN to create a duplicatable program to train up apprentices that are completely new to the trade. This will include, fundraising to equip apprentices with tools and certification courses, job shadowing with other LVN ambassadors to expose them to different parts of the trade, and opportunities to network and find work all over the country. In the end, our partnership will create opportunity for people who may have never been given one otherwise. And that is what motivates us in everything we do as a business!

Get in touch with us today!

If you are interested in beginning a career in low voltage systems, would like to learn new skills that enable you to support your family, or would like low voltage systems career guidance, do not hesitate to contact Sophia Consulting today and learn about the exciting mentorship opportunities we have created in collaboration with LVN.