When Is It Time To Upgrade Your Camera System?

If your business is home to an upgrade in expensive equipment, products or materials, you’ll no doubt understand that CCTV is indispensable to your operations. Closed-circuit television security cameras act both as a deterrent and a means to identify thieves or other criminals who trespass on your property.

If you’ve relied on a set of cameras for a long time, you might feel hesitant when the subject of replacing them with a new system crops up. This is completely understandable – after all, if you understand how to use your current system, you might not want to spend too much to acquaint yourself with a new and improved one.

However, it is important to understand that technology moves on, and systems quickly become outdated. When this happens, it makes sense to replace your old cameras with new ones. To demonstrate why this is essential to the security of your business, we’ve compiled a list of signs that it’s time to upgrade your CCTV camera security system:


1) It’s Difficult To Identify People Caught On Camera

If your cameras are old, it’s likely that they are operating at a low resolution. This can make it difficult to identify criminals or suspected criminals, even when lighting conditions are optimal. Low-resolution cameras can make it difficult to notice distinguishing facial features or other personal characteristics (such as tattoos or clothing).

If you’re struggling to clearly identify individuals using your existing security camera system, it’s probably time to upgrade it. After all, criminals and intruders can only be prosecuted in a court of law if they can be identified. With a modern CCTV system, perpetrators will be captured in clear HD images, leaving no room for doubt.

Don’t provide criminals with an opportunity to ruin your business – update your cameras and ensure your property is protected.

2) Recordings Are Unreliable

If your CCTV system is particularly old, it can become faulty and unreliable. For example, you may notice every now and then that your cameras aren’t recording, even when they’re supposed to. Sometimes your cameras might produce distorted or otherwise unusable footage. If this sounds familiar, it is crucial that you upgrade your cameras immediately.

Modern camera systems are sturdy, reliable and designed to operate in all conditions. When you upgrade to a new system, you can do so with the understanding that you won’t have to purchase new cameras for several years to come.

3) Storage Is An Issue

Many older security cameras record onto obsolete storage systems. Modern cameras are capable of beaming footage direct to the cloud, where it can be accessed online whenever and wherever you choose. If storing old camera footage is becoming an issue, perhaps it’s time to completely replace your system with a digital one. The last thing you want is for an intruder to commit a crime on your property without it being captured on camera due to inadequate or full storage.

If you’d like to know more about how modern security cameras could protect your business or home, please get in touch with us today. A member of our team of security experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise you on the best system for the job.